Obsiido Announces Upcoming Launch of Obsiido Pro

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Wednesday, July 10, 2024 at 12:37pm UTC

Obsiido Announces Upcoming Launch of Obsiido Pro

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TORONTO, July 10, 2024 /CNW/ - Obsiido Capital Management Ltd. ("Obsiido") is pleased to announce the upcoming launch of Obsiido Pro, a comprehensive alternative investments management software designed for financial advisors, investment dealers and wealth management industry participants.

"Obsiido Pro will empower financial advisors to learn, source, diligence, model and transact in alternative investment funds through a single, unified cloud-based application," said Nimar Bangash, CEO of Obsiido. "We know, firsthand, the complexity that the wealth channel faces when attempting to establish efficient, high quality and scalable alternative investment solutions. Obsiido Pro will meaningfully advance the wealth channels efforts and, in the process, dramatically expand access to alternative investments in a simpler and more efficient manner," added Nimar Bangash.

Obsiido Pro is part of a suite of software solutions that Obsiido is rolling out under Obsiido Technology Solutions, a SAAS platform designed specifically to digitize and centralize private market and alternative investments related workflows.

"Obsiido Technology Solutions is building software to make alternative investments truly accessible for the private wealth channel by providing a faster, simpler, and significantly more intuitive digital experience," said Blair Taylor, CTO of Obsiido.

The platform also offers a related product, Obsiido Client Core, designed to provide a fully digital client onboarding and lifecycle management solution for exempt market dealers and portfolio managers who are involved in the distribution of alternative investments.

"Historically, alternative investments have been the realm of large institutional investors who transact infrequently and have ample resources to manage the complex administrative and compliance workflows associated with these investments. Most financial advisors and other private wealth allocators do not have the same scale. The need for technology is paramount to enable efficient participation," added Blair Taylor.

Obsiido expects to make Obsiido Pro available to financial advisors later this year and is inviting interested wealth managers to sign-up to learn more via www.obsiido.com/technology-solutions/

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